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Japanese Imperial Navy fleet

Truk Lagoon 2024

Truk Lagoon

Explore the incredible wrecks of the Japanese Imperial Navy fleet from World War II, which are scattered at various depths around Truk Lagoon. Our 9-night liveaboard diving itinerary offers a unique opportunity to dive some of the most famous wrecks and experience superb reef diving. Discover the numerous channels that cut through the reef, serving as hunting grounds for reef sharks and schooling pelagics, adding to the excitement of diving in Truk Lagoon. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable diving adventure.


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WWII Japanese Imperial Navy fleet

Following World War I, Truk (also known as Chuuk) was placed under Japanese control and developed into one of their major naval bases. From this location, the Japanese fleet launched their infamous attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. However, in 1944, the United States launched “Operation Hailstorm” in retaliation, resulting in the destruction of 61 ships, primarily merchant vessels known as “Maru” that had been left at anchor, while approximately 200 other vessels were successfully evacuated to Palau.

Truk Lagoon is a truly magical place, nestled in the remote Pacific and renowned for its incredible wreck diving. Jacques Cousteau first revealed this hidden gem to the world, and today it remains a popular destination for divers seeking warm waters, astonishing marine life, and mind-blowing wreck dives. With over 60 wrecks and 250 airplanes lost, only a fraction of these have been found, and each successive dive reveals even more stunning treasures. From shallow to deep technical dives, Truk Lagoon offers something for every diver.

The calm waters are virtually current-free, making it an ideal location for divers of all skill levels. With total dive freedom, you can explore at your own pace and experience solitude underwater, away from the crowds. Photographers will appreciate the stunning marine life, soft coral, sea fans, sharks, and rays that can be found here. The wrecks are beautifully preserved and offer an unforgettable experience, whether you’re diving the Submarine 1.169, the Yamigari Maru, the Shinkoku Maru, the Rio de Janeiro Maru, or the Betty Bomber.

And if you’re looking for a break from wreck diving, Shark Island offers a fantastic reef dive and cleaning station for reef sharks, allowing you to relax and off-gas in the afternoon. Truk Lagoon truly offers a unique and unforgettable experience for divers of all levels.

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Safari Liveaboard

Truk Master

Experience the ultimate diving adventure on board the Truk Master, a custom-designed liveaboard built with divers in mind. Originally sailing the breathtaking dive sites of the Solomon Islands as the M/V Taka, this steel-hulled vessel offers a team of experienced crew, dive experts, and chefs to ensure the highest standards of service.

Truk Master boasts 12 cabins, accommodating up to 20 guests in total comfort. Choose from one en-suite premium double cabin, five en-suite premium double/twin cabins, four standard single cabins, and two standard twin cabins with shared bathroom facilities.

The main deck features a spacious lounge and dining area, providing plenty of air-conditioned space to relax and savor the onboard cuisine. An expansive dive deck leads perfectly to the dive platform, and features a dedicated camera area for photographers. Individual dive stations offer ample space and storage for dive equipment, along with individual toilets, freshwater showers, and rinse tanks.

For guests who prefer to soak up the sunshine and fresh air, the large sun deck comes complete with comfortable loungers to unwind and enjoy the stunning views. With Truk Master, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable dive holiday that exceeds your expectations.

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16th-25th October 2024

Experience an unforgettable Scuba Adventure with Scuba Dive Adventures!

Prices are per person, based on double occupancy.

The package includes 9 nights full board accommodation on vessel,  internal transfers, all diving, single 12lt cylinder, lead weights, tea, coffee and water.

Please note that international flights, non-specified activities, and tips/gratuities are not included. Marine Park & Ports fees will apply. Single supplement available at an additional cost. 

Please be advised that all activities and launch times are subject to change due to local environmental conditions, and the order in which they are conducted may also change.

For more information or to book this fabulous Scuba Adventure, please contact the Scuba Dive Adventures team at 0113 4508606 or

Truk Lagoon


Truk Lagoon witnessed one of the most savage naval battles of World War II, leaving a haunting legacy of shipwrecks that now draws wreck-divers from around the world. The so-called ghost fleet of Truk Lagoon is a must-visit destination for both recreational and technical divers. Here are some of our favourite wrecks that await adventurous divers:

  • Nippo Maru: This cargo ship was bombed by Avenger bombers from USS Essex during Operation Hailstone in 1944. The wreck lies upright with a list to port at a depth of 48m, and boasts a fascinating and varied cargo that makes for a memorable dive.
  • Shinkoku Maru: This oil tanker sank upright after being bombed and torpedoed, and offers a dive for all levels of experience. Divers can drop to the seabed at around 38m and enter the aft hull through a gaping torpedo blast hole, but should be aware that there are human remains in the lower engine room.
  • Rio de Janeiro Maru: This eight-deck luxury liner was sunk by at least one bomb from an Essex aircraft and now rests on her starboard side at a depth of 40m. The wreck offers easy access to the large engine room and a hold full of stacked boxes of beer bottles.
  • Fujikawa Maru: This former passenger-cargo ship was sunk during the war and now lies upright at 35m. The standout feature of this dive is the huge coral-encrusted gun at the bow, made in Britain in 1899, when the UK and Japan were allies.
  • Heian Maru: This luxury passenger and cargo ship was sunk by multiple torpedo and bomb hits that claimed the lives of 18 men. The largest wreck in the atoll, it lies on its side at a depth of 10m and offers a glimpse into its wartime role as a submarine tender.
  • San Francisco Maru: This 117m-long cargo and passenger ship took six hits from dive bombers before sinking and now lies in crystal clear water at a depth of 65m. The holds are full of items of interest, including mines, shells, and bombs that were intended to repulse a land invasion of Truk.

Diving these wrecks requires careful pre-planning, as dive times are often constrained by depth and other factors. Nevertheless, the ghost fleet of Truk Lagoon offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those willing to explore its dark and mysterious depths.



Liveaboard diving is widely regarded as the ultimate way to experience an unforgettable diving vacation. For many seasoned divers, this type of adventure is essential for exploring remote destinations, such as Costa Rica’s Cocos Islands or The Galapagos Islands. Liveaboard charters offer the unique opportunity to explore vast areas and dive different parts of a country, such as the Maldives or Raja Ampat.

A liveaboard is a purpose-built scuba diving vessel or an existing boat that has been adapted to cater to divers. These trips typically last longer than one night, with the average duration being 7 nights. Liveaboard boats can host between 12 and 30 divers, although smaller and larger vessels are also available. Most liveaboard packages include diving, food, and drinks.