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Gozo 2025

Wrecks, Reefs & Caves

Scuba diving in Malta & Gozo is highly rated by divers worldwide and a prime destination for diving holidays.This is no surprise considering the numerous dive sites that offer a challenge at different skill levels. Scuba divers will encounter dive sites with beautifully coloured coral reefs and dark caves reaching deep into some of Gozo’s tall cliffs. Not to mention a number of sea wrecks which over the years have become the habitat marine life.


At Scuba Dive Adventures we offer a unique and personalised travel service that sets us apart in the diving industry. Our bespoke adventures are carefully crafted to cater to your individual preferences and desires taking you on exhilarating journeys to the all corners of the world. Our passion for creating unforgettable experiences is evident in every trip we plan. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your adventure is truly unique and unforgettable.


At Scuba Dive Adventures we have created a unique brand and culture that permeates every aspect of our business. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for our clients from our unparalleled customer service and top quality liveaboards, to our carefully selected global destinations. Our focus on safety, agility and adventure allows us to push boundaries and set high standards in the diving industry. Join us for an unforgettable journey that exceeds your expectations at every turn.


At Scuba Dive Adventures we are committed to sustainable travel, wildlife conservation and supporting local communities. We believe that responsible exploration of the oceans is crucial and strive to promote and preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of the underwater world. Our passion for the ocean is reflected in our core values, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and the communities we visit. Join us in our mission to protect our oceans for generations to come.

Diving Highlights


Our plan will be to do 2 dives per day, either by boat or directly from the shore.

Our itinerary highlights include diving famous wrecks such as the P29, The Blue Hole, Santa Maria Caves and Cathedral Cave.


The P29 wreck dive is done around the 62m long, 16m high and 7m wide ex German Kondo class minesweeper that was deliberately sunk in 2007. The P29 is situated 150 m from the coast off Cirkewwa Point and is easily accessible from the shore and marked by a buoy.You will find some amazing swim troughs, however the smaller and tighter areas are not recommended unless you are experienced in wreck penetration.

The Famous Blue Hole.

The Blue Hole dive site in Dewjra overlooks the beautiful Azure Window and starts in a fantastic 10m wide inland sea pool which leads into a large crevice and through to the open sea. Once you start your dive you will see a natural rock arch with clear blue waters that is your doorway leading to the open sea.

After passing the Arch you will swim through the tunnel with very nice rock formations, you will discover fantastic marine life such as parrot fish, Schools of Bream, Moray Eel, Lobster, Octopus and much more.

Heading towards the reef wall you have to swim through a large vertical crack in the reef (The Chimney) starting at 18m and then go up to the coral garden located at 4m. If you do not wish to swim out to the open sea you can turn back and visit the cave at the far end of the Blue Hole.

Santa Maria Caves.

The Santa Maria Caves are located on the north side of Comino and this is a very popular dive site due to its fascinating cave systems.

Divers come here year after year and thus, arriving early to avoid the crowds is recommended. There are 10 caves known to divers as Santa Maria Caves and they each have their own particular beauty. Some of them offer great swim troughs, some with large underwater tunnels while others have fascinating views into the blue through their entrance.

The caves are quite shallow and some of the caves are even half above water, also ideal for snorkelers. The shallow Santa Maria Caves are rich in marine life and you can spot Nudibranch, octopus, crabs, spiny lobster, eels, mullets, shrimp, damselfish and morays.

Cathedral Cave

Cathedral Cave is also know as ‘The Blue Dome’ and is a cave that you can surface in with a ceiling approximately 15 meter above water level. It’s a dive spot for all level divers and one of the most spectacular dives in Gozo. The sunlight entering the cave creates beautiful lighting effects.

Even the location contributes to the dive experience: Cathedral Cave lies in a narrow creek, surrounded by high cliffs and rock walls in the breathtaking Ghasri Valley. There’s also a little beach, just spacious enough to serve a few sunbathers.

After the dives theres plenty of time to explore the beautiful coastline and the magnificent beaches, before heading back for an evening BBQ.

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Luxury Private


A super large corner property, ideal for large groups with 2 private pools and an inside Jacuzzi, table tennis, free air-conditioning & underfloor heating and amazing country & sea views. Aesthetically constructed in beautiful local limestone, in the style of the surrounding houses, the villa’s blend perfectly with their rustic, serene neighbourhood.

Guaranteed to exceed expectations, this wonderfully spacious property is elegantly furnished in neutral colours, with understated lighting, the good sized rooms are designed to complement the peaceful and laid back ambiance of the surrounding countryside.

The fully equipped kitchen, with comfortable and practical furniture. Along with air conditioning throughout – makes for an easy to manage self-catering holiday. At the back of the property sits two private pools with a large patio area complete with sun decks, and a stone BBQ. Which looks across miles of uninterrupted undulating valleys, enhancing the most spectacular sunsets. Two spare toilets are situated on the ground floor both with washing machine facilities.

We spoil our visitors throughout the year including winter, besides the built in fireplace,  the property allows you to enjoy the comfort of underfloor heating, throughout both floors along with the heated Jacuzzi making this accommodation a perfect romantic break, even during the mild Gozo winters. The property also enjoys the additional facilities of a communal mini-gym and sauna, shared between this cluster of 4 private properties.

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10th -17th July 2025

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Prices are per person, based on double occupancy.

The package includes transfers, scuba diving, and specified land-based activities, as well as accommodation for:

7 nights in Gozo (Room Only )

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Please note that international flights, non-specified activities, and tips/gratuities are not included. Single supplements may apply.

Please be advised that all activities and launch times are subject to change due to local environmental conditions, and the order in which they are conducted may also change.

For more information or to book this fabulous Scuba Adventure, please contact the Scuba Dive Adventures team at 0113 4508606 or




This dive has to be one of the best introductions to diving ever. This beautiful cave is a short distance from the entry point and once inside you can surface and explore the acoustic effects of the domed ceiling within the cave. The top of the cave is at about 5 metres and reaches down to 15 metres so is accessible to most divers. It is save to surface as there is hole in the cave roof to the outside world. You do need to be aware of your dive profile if you surface within the cave. Looking back out from the it is an amazing shimmer of shades of blue dancing in the sunlight.


This dive starts in a small lake on the west coast. A short distance through a tunnel takes you from the milky water of the lake and day trippers to open water and from here there are beautiful drop-offs. The dive can go in either direction along the walls, returning back to the tunnel for the return and a decompression stop on a ledge in the centre of the tunnel. The drop-offs are covered in shoals of fish and corals and sponges are abundant especially in the entrance to the tunnel. This dive requires accurate air planning as you have to return through the tunnel and you have to have enough air to complete the distance as there is no surface. The cliffs are over 50 metres high above the surface on the open water side of the tunnel. The tunnel is used by tourist boats and care must be taken to avoid them as you dive the tunnel.


This dive site has two names but whatever name it goes by it is a fantastic advanced cave dive. The cave entrance can be found just below a steep stride entry at Reqqa Point. The cave entrance is about 20 metres wide and stretched from 15 metres down to 30 metres. Once inside the cave you can follow it for its full length which is about 50 metres. At the furthest point there is no light. The marine life within this cave is varied and completely different to the life found outside of the cave.


Whilst these caves are not on Gozo they are worth the boat trip for a dive. Comino is small island adjacent to Gozo and the cave systems are shallow and beautiful. Many of the dive centres on Gozo will take small groups out to dive the caves. They are very shallow, just under 20 metres and are full of life. Some of the most stunning nudibranchs and tube worms make these caves their home. Just a short distance from the caves is the Blue Lagoon a commercial madness of yachts and party boats which is sheltered for a surface interval.



Three decommissioned vessels have been intentionally sunk near the coast at Xatt L-Ahmar, resting at a depth of 40 meters and positioned only 50 meters apart. These submerged attractions were designed to captivate skilled divers and serve as artificial reefs. Remarkably, they can all be accessed directly from the shoreline.

Among these wrecks, the M.V. Xlendi, measuring 80 meters in length, was sunk in 1999. Unfortunately, due to its precarious position on the seabed, penetrating this wreck is both discouraged and prohibited.

The most striking of the trio is the M.V. Karwela, an impressive 58-meter-long vessel that was sunken in 2006. Positioned upright, a short distance from the entry point, it adds a captivating element to the site.

The 35-meter-long M.V. Cominoland, scuttled in the same year, 2006, started its service as a Royal Navy minelayer during World War II. To ensure diver safety, like the Karwela, all doors and windows were removed before its sinking.

Venturing to Comino’s Blue Lagoon, the P31, a former East German mine sweeper known as the Pasewalk, was sunk in 2009 at a depth of 18 meters. Its relatively shallow location and lack of strong currents make it a popular destination for divers of various skill levels, including beginners and those practicing apnea.

Near the Cirkewwa ferry terminal, lying at a depth of 36 meters, is the M.V. Rozi. This wreck, a 40-meter-long British tugboat, found its resting place in 1992 and remains in an upright position.



#1 – Ramla l-Hamra Gozo’s premier sandy expanse, Ramla l-Hamra, boasts a distinct allure. The russet-hued sands are set against a backdrop of unspoiled hinterlands, making it a cherished choice among both locals and tourists. Its cleanliness, expansive sunbathing areas, and shallow, easily accessible waters render it an idyllic family-friendly haven.

#2 – Daħlet Qorrot Nestled in the northwestern reaches of Gozo, near Nadur and Qala villages, Daħlet Qorrot unveils a tranquil haven. This secluded cove, adorned with pebbly shores, offers a serene locale for a brisk morning swim, embraced by picturesque natural surroundings. Its gentle entry makes it ideal for children, while the quayside provides access to deeper waters, easily navigable.

#3 – Dwejra (Inland Sea) Dwejra Bay, a geological marvel near San Lawrenz village, stood as home to the renowned Azure Window before its collapse in 2017. Fungus Rock and the Blue Hole grace its rocky coastline, with the “Inland Sea” revealing a serene inland lagoon with a pebbled beach. A peaceful oasis, frequented by swimmers and snorkelers, it connects to the sea through a 60-meter cave. The underwater caves and the site of the Azure Window’s demise offer a splendid diving experience.

#4 – Hondoq ir-Rummien On Gozo’s southern coast, near Qala village, lies the scenic gem of Hondoq ir-Rummien. This picturesque bay, with azure waters, invites eager swimmers. While sunbathing space is limited, the bay’s rocky area provides an entry point for swimming, snorkeling, and novice-level diving. A kiosk offers refreshments, and the bay transforms into a favored spot for evening barbecues among locals during summertime.

#5 – Wied il-Għasri Gozo’s natural wonder, Wied il-Għasri, is a pebbly beach tucked within a valley in the north. Despite its petite size, it offers a refreshing swim, making it a haven for water enthusiasts and snorkelers. To reach this hidden gem, follow an unpaved side road off Triq Is-Sagħtrija on the outskirts of Żebbuġ village, leading to a small parking area and rocky steps down to the beach.

#6 – San Blas Bay Nestled on Gozo’s northern coast, San Blas Bay boasts untamed beauty. Accessible yet challenging due to its hillside location, the pristine waters reward the effort. Though compact, the beach offers tranquility and clear waters, complemented by a modest kiosk. While buses 304 or 302 take you close, a short walk down a steep road completes the journey.

#7 – Ix-Xatt l-Aħmar Hidden beneath Fort Chambray’s shadow, Ix-Xatt l-Aħmar is a rugged, rustic treasure. This intimate red-sand beach, though modest in size, offers easy sea access from rocky terrain. Snorkelers relish its underwater vistas. Frequented by locals and intrepid travelers, it can be reached on foot via a path near Fort Chambray’s entrance or by car via Triq Santu Liju from Għajnsielem village.