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Truk Lagoon

After WWI, Japan was given control of Truk (Chuuk) and fortified the lagoon into becoming one of their largest naval bases. It was from here that the Japanese fleet launched their attack on the US’ Pearl Harbour in 1941. The ensuing retaliation of “Operation Hailstorm” in 1944 resulted in the loss of 61 ships, mostly “Maru” or merchant vessels which had been left at anchor whilst some 200 other vessels were safely evacuated to Palau.

Diving Truk

Truk Lagoon is a magical place but hard to pinpoint on a map. Hidden away in the Pacific, Truk was catapulted into dive legend by Jacques Cousteau, who was the first to show the world the incredible wreck diving that could be found here. Today Truk continues to attract divers from all over the globe looking to experience that elusive combination of mind blowing wreck diving, warm water and astonishing marine life. Splash into the clear blue water and you will see for yourself why. There are over 60 wrecks that were lost and over 250 airplanes and yet only a portion of these have still been found. Beautifully preserved, there are too many treasures to count in a single week and you will be astonished by each successive dive, they just keep on getting better. According to Japanese tradition, merchant vessels are named Maru yet whilst the names may seem similar, each individual vessel could not be more distinctive.

Truk Lagoon will suit any diver! Whilst the location is remote the calm waters are virtually current free and the wrecks range through all depths. From the shallowest to deep technical dives, this itinerary can be adapted to meet everyone’s needs. And with total dive freedom, you can jump when you want and experience solitude underwater. No need to push through hoardes of other divers. Simply splash into a watery wonderland. Photographers should take a wide angle lens but also be prepared for excellent marine life which includes soft draping coral and sea fans or sharks and rays!
Truk simply cannot disappoint. The sheer size and scope of the diving here is unlike anywhere else in the world and this itinerary offers a truly unique experience.

Submarine 1.169
Quickly submerging during the attack to avoid damage, the submarine unfortunately failed to close her valves, allowing for water to enter and as she descended she came to rest on her port side at a depth of 38m (140ft).

Yamigari Maru
Resting on her port side, though almost completely intact despite repeated bombings, the Yamigari freighter still contains many artillery shells and ammunition.

Shinkoku Maru
A large oil tanker, now rests upright on the bottom encrusted with corals, sponges & hydroids. From the bridge you can see into the engine room whilst the galley still holds many utensils on the large stove. Small guns, mounted fore and aft are also covered with corals making this one of the most colourful and spectacular wrecks to be found in Truk.

Rio de Janeiro Maru
140m (430ft) long she lays on her port side in 34m (120ft). Once a luxury passenger vessel she was converted to a cargo vessel in wartime. Exploration of her holds turns up a range of supplies from beer bottles to guns. The upper deck reaches to an easily diveable depth of 10m (30ft).

Betty Bomber
A long-range aircraft lies on the seabed at 20m (80ft) and is surrounded by schooling fish.

Shark Island
Possibly the most famous reef dive in Truk, is a fantastic cleaning station for reef sharks and at just 18m (60ft) is perfect for some “off-gassing” in the afternoon after a morning of wreck diving.

Truk Master

With comfortable accommodation for up to 16 guests, the steel-hulled M/Y Truk Master boasts eight twin and double cabins with a choice of classic or premium cabins. Each cabin benefits from en suite bathroom facilities and individually controlled air-conditioning.

The main deck enjoys a spacious indoor dining room along with a camera station complete with numerous charging points and storage space. Unwind and relax after a fantastic day of diving in M/Y Truk Master’s indoor lounge and bar with a plasma screen which is ideal for movie and photo viewing. Alternatively, why not head out to the shaded outdoor relaxation area or the large sundeck and sink into a lounge chair to soak up the atmosphere.

The vessel benefits from a large dive deck with individual set up stations, under-bench storage and camera table with a large entry platform to the rear of the vessel. M/Y Truk Master is fully equipped to cater for recreational, technical and rebreather divers.


16th October to 25th October 2024

Included: 9 nights full board accommodation on Truk master, 3-4  dives per day, 11lt cylinder and weights, tea/coffee/water/soft drinks, snacks,

Not IncludedFlights, Transfers, Nitrox, Equipment Hire, Alcoholic Drinks, Crew & Dive Guide Gratuities, Marine Park & Port Fees.

**PLEASE NOTE** the itinerary shown is just an example of the route taken and the order and dive sites are not guaranteed. All dives sites are subject to weather conditions and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides.

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