Truk Lagoon 2021

The best wreck diving in the world.
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Dive into History

Dive Japan’s sunken Empire

After WWI, Japan was given control of Truk (Chuuk) and fortified the lagoon into becoming one of their largest naval bases. It was from here that the Japanese fleet launched their attack on the US’ Pearl Harbour in 1941. The ensuing retaliation of “Operation Hailstorm” in 1944 resulted in the loss of 61 ships, mostly “Maru” or merchant vessels which had been left at anchor whilst some 200 other vessels were safely evacuated to Palau. The result has been a collection of shipwrecks closely packed into a coral lagoon, many of which are within easy reach of recreational divers. Over the course of the itinerary you will explore many of these wrecks along with reefs in the inner lagoon.

Blue Lagoon Resort.

The Blue Lagoon Resort Has 54 Large and comfortably furnished rooms with a shower and bath. Every room at The Blue Lagoon Resort has a private balcony and a beautiful view. We’re located beside the largest “Underwater WWII Museum” In the world.

During WWII The Blue Lagoon Resort grounds were utilised by The Imperial Japanese Command. Many wartime relics and structures remain today including armament and
defensive “Pillboxes”shaded by palm trees, The Blue Lagoon Resort grounds are great for quiet moments, scenic walks, and photography of  Truk Lagoon and Chuuk Islands.The natural scenery of the resort makes it easy to relax and absorb the beauty of the Pacific.

Itinerary Highlights. 

Submarine 1.169
Quickly submerging during the attack to avoid damage, the submarine unfortunately failed to close her valves, allowing for water to enter and as she descended she came to rest on her port side at a depth of 38m (140ft).
Yamigari Maru
Resting on her port side, though almost completely intact despite repeated bombings, the Yamigari freighter still contains many artillery shells and ammunition.

Shinkoku Maru
A large oil tanker, now rests upright on the bottom encrusted with corals, sponges & hydroids. From the bridge you can see into the engine room whilst the galley still holds many utensils on the large stove. Small guns, mounted fore and aft are also covered with corals making this one of the most colourful and spectacular wrecks to be found in Truk.

Rio de Janeiro Maru
140m (430ft) long she lays on her port side in 34m (120ft). Once a luxury passenger vessel she was converted to a cargo vessel in wartime. Exploration of her holds turns up a range of supplies from beer bottles to guns. The upper deck reaches to an easily diveable depth of 10m (30ft).

Betty Bomber
A long-range aircraft lies on the seabed at 20m (80ft) and is surrounded by schooling fish.

Shark Island
Possibly the most famous reef dive in Truk, is a fantastic cleaning station for reef sharks and at just 18m (60ft) is perfect for some “off-gassing” in the afternoon after a morning of wreck diving.


Dates only: 8th – 22nd April 2021

Price is per person and based on 2 sharing. The package includes: 10 nights full board accommodation at the Blue Lagoon Resort, plus a 9 day dive package with 3 dives per day included. The price shown Includes flights and 2 nights accomodation in Guam. Nitrox is not included but can be purchased at the resort. All dive sites are subject to weather conditions and cannot be guaranteed.

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