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Farne Islands

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Farne Islands

The Farne Islands lie two to three miles off the Northumberland coast midway between the fishing village of Seahouses and the magnificent Castle of Bamburgh. As well as being the most famous Sea Bird Sanctuary in the British Isles they also have a large colony of Atlantic or Grey Seals.


Launch form the Harbour early morning and do 2 dive with the Seals before lunchtime. Expect up close and personal encounters with these curious marine mammals.

When diving the Farnes you need to become acquainted with the locals, the locals being a colony of 4-5 thousand grey seals out at the Farnes all year. An encounter with a mature bull seal is enough to get any heart racing. Weighing in at 300kg and clumsy on land, they demonstrate balletic movements under the water. The younger seals are even more inquisitive than the divers and often come in to take a closer look, even nibbling on fins! Other visual delights include a vast array of anemone, dead men’s fingers and many different crustaceans. There are also several relatively unusual species that favour this cooler water – you may come across lumpsucker, Norwegian topknot, yarrel’s blenny and the spectacular wolf fish. Another speciality is the huge, deep-water anemone, bolocera

After the dives theres plenty of time to explore the beautiful coastline or the magnificent Bamburgh Castle. Before heading back for a evening BBQ.


Dates:  June/July 2020

Prices are per person based on 2 people – excludes transport to Seahouses.
Included: two nights accommodation in a 4 bedroom cottage, 2 dives from the boat. Not included, equipment, drinks, food, and non specified activities.

Please note all activities and launch times are subject to change due to local environmental conditions therefore the order in which they are taken may change.

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