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The Four Kings

Raja Ampat, which in Indonesian means the Four Kings, is a Marine Park world renowned for being the epicentre of marine biodiversity. This is a vast expanse of sea, peppered with literally hundreds of tiny islands and coves. The bio diversity is off the charts with walls, reefs, pinnacles, caves, mangroves and black sands, each creating a unique eco system and one of the all time great Indonesian dive destinations.

Cruise Highlights

As the name implies, the Raja Ampat Discovery explores this vast corner of the globe. There is much still to discover but Raja Ampat lies at the heart of the coral triangle and the reefs are in pristine condition. Areas such as Fam and Kawe boast an enormous quantity of schooling fish. Regular shark sightings at Fiabacet and Uraine are an undeniable highlight. Mansuar is the place to head for mantas and turtles. Epaulette and wobegong sharks can also been seen, rushing across the seabed at Waigeo. Snorkel with the resident dolphin pod in between dives!

Macro lovers will be in paradise at Bantana or Kri where muck diving is the order of the day with a myriad of bright, colourful critters – some of which have only been recently identified by science! Pygmy sea horses, mimic octopus, cockatoo wasps, coleman shrimps… there is no end to what miniature marvels await.

Raja Ampat Discovery is a dream destination if you want to try something new. With so much still to be explored, you can witness new dive sites and undiscovered marine species. Photographers should make this a must see destination. Diving conditions can vary enormously from site to site so it is advisable to be advanced and comfortable with drift dive procedures. Raja Ampat truly delivers a trip of discovery – this is an adventure into a world that few other divers will ever visit. Drop out of the rat race and let the dedicated guides and crew spoil you. Dive into a marine wonderland that will leave you speechless each and every day.

Raja Ampat North

Some of Raja Ampat’s most famous dive areas are found in the northern part where the pelagics are concentrated. Here you find Cape Kri and the Dampier Straits. If you are a photographer it is all about wide angle here, with vast sea fans. Kri is for many divers one of the undeniable highlights of this itinerary with just everything. Around Airborei you can find huge manta rays which are feeding or being cleaned. Aluji Bay switches from big fish to macro with ghost pipefish, toad fish and bob tail squid. The area is also great for wobegongs and ribbon eels. In Waya you have it all. The corals are out of this world, when the current runs you get pelagics and if not there are all manner of critters and scenic arches. Kawe is an area with such dense marine life you will be blown away.

Raja Ampat South

The best known areas of Raja Ampat in the South are Misool and nearby Fam. Misool is a tiny island surrounded by dense hard coral reefs. Surrounded by mushroom like islets, there are some good speedy drift dives which in turn bring in larger fish including sharks, mobula, barracuda and tuna. In Fiabacet you find the photogenic Boo Windows, a series of arches in the reef which make for the most photogenic image. The reef is swarmed by smaller reef fish. Daram is a soft coral reef with outstanding sea fans and vast barrel sponges. And home to the rare halimeda ghost pipefish, frogfish and flamboyant cuttlefish. Batanta is the ideal spot for some nudibranch hunting

Emperor Harmoni

She’s currently under construction and launching in 2021. Emperor Harmoni is Emperor Divers Indonesia’s brand new liveaboard, the second for Emperor Indonesia. One of only a select few liveaboards in this region to have two engines, at 48m she happily welcomes 20 guests in spacious surroundings.

Emperor Harmoni has been designed and built taking into consideration Indonesia’s unique and diverse conditions; harnessing the Emperor Indonesia team’s extensive experience in liveaboard and charter vessels to meet the very highest standards and expectations.

Built of Sulawesi Ironwood and offering a truly new experience to liveaboard holidays, experience a true sense of sailing the Indonesian seas in freedom, style, comfort and confidence with her two engines. Itineraries include Komodo, Raja Ampat and Banda Sea

Emperor Harmoni’s three decks have six guest cabins on the lower deck and four on the upper. The main deck features a spacious restaurant, lounge area with a 49″ HD flat screen, digital movie and music library, board games, bar and a camera suite.

Enjoy spacious diving and relaxation areas or relax with a massage on deck; whatever your choice, she’s sure to bring harmony and joy.

All diving is done from two large RIBs with outboards to get you to the perfect dive spot every time. She offers free Nitrox, all diving and safety equipment including SMBs free of charge and up to four dive guides.


January 2024

Prices are per person based on 2 people sharing.

Included: 7 nights full board on Emperor Harmoni  (inc: tea/coffee, juices, soft drinks & local beers), transfers between liveaboard and local airport or hotel on days of embarkation and disembarkation, all diving on air, nitrox if certified, 12lt cylinder, weights & weight belt, equipment hire

Not included, international and internal flights.

Please note all activities and launch times are subject to change due to local environmental conditions therefore the order in which they are taken may change.

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