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Go with the Flow
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Enjoy the Ride

The PADI Drift Diver Specialty course teaches you how to enjoy going with the flow as you scuba dive down rivers and use ocean currents to glide along. It feels like flying – except that you’re underwater using scuba equipment. Drift diving can be relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. If this sound like fun, then the Drift Diver course is for you.

Course Overview

The PADI Drift Diver Course:

Along with drift diving techniques and procedures, you’ll:

Receive an introduction to drift diving equipment – floats, lines and reels.

Get an overview of aquatic currents – causes and effects.

Practice with buoyancy control, navigation and communication during two drift dives.

Learn techniques for staying close to a buddy or together as a group as you float with the current.

Get a PADI Drift Diver Crew-Pak that includes your manual and video when you enroll in the course. Read the manual and watch the video before meeting with your PADI Instructor to plan your deep diving adventures.


The whole can be completed in 1 day, once you have completed the home study section. The day is spent away at a local dive site where you will conduct your 2 Drift Dives, however your course can be completed anywhere in the World

Who can take the course

If you’re at least 10 years old and certified as a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher, you can enroll in the Dry Suit Diver course.

Course Dates & Prices

Our dates and not fixed unlike other dive centres.

Our flexible schedule means we arrange the course dates around your needs and availability.

Price for PADI Drift Diver is £149 which includes all materials, training and certification fees.

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