Malta & Gozo 2020
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Crystal Clear Waters
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Malta & Gozo

Scuba diving in Malta & Gozo is highly rated by divers worldwide and a prime destination for diving holidays.This is no surprise considering the numerous dive sites that offer a challenge at different skill levels. Scuba divers will encounter dive sites with beautifully coloured coral reefs and dark caves reaching deep into some of Gozo’s tall cliffs. Not to mention a number of sea wrecks which over the years have become the habitat marine life.

Diving Highlights

Our plan will be to do 2 dives per day, either by boat or directly form the shore.

Our itinerary highlights include diving famous wrecks such as the P29, The Blue Hole, Santa Maria Caves and Reqqa Reef.


The P29 wreck dive is done around the 62m long, 16m high and 7m wide ex German Kondo class minesweeper that was deliberately sunk in 2007. The P29 is situated 150 m from the coast off Cirkewwa Point and is easily accessible from the shore and marked by a buoy. You will find some amazing swim troughs, however the smaller and tighter areas are not recommended unless you are experienced in wreck penetration.

The Famous Blue Hole.

The Blue Hole dive site in Dewjra overlooks the beautiful Azure Window and starts in a fantastic 10m wide inland sea pool which leads into a large crevice and through to the open sea. Once you start your dive you will see a natural rock arch with clear blue waters that is your doorway leading to the open sea.

After passing the Arch you will swim through the tunnel with very nice rock formations, you will discover fantastic marine life such as parrot fish, Schools of Bream, Moray Eel, Lobster, Octopus and much more.

Heading towards the reef wall you have to swim through a large vertical crack in the reef (The Chimney) starting at 18m and then go up to the coral garden located at 4m. If you do not wish to swim out to the open sea you can turn back and visit the cave at the far end of the Blue Hole.

Santa Maria Caves.

The Santa Maria Caves are located on the north side of Comino and this is a very popular dive site due to its fascinating cave systems.

Divers come here year after year and thus, arriving early to avoid the crowds is recommended. There are 10 caves known to divers as Santa Maria Caves and they each have their own particular beauty. Some of them offer great swim troughs, some with large underwater tunnels while others have fascinating views into the blue through their entrance.

The caves are quite shallow and some of the caves are even half above water, also ideal for snorkelers. The shallow Santa Maria Caves are rich in marine life and you can spot Nudibranch, octopus, crabs, spiny lobster, eels, mullets, shrimp, damselfish and morays.

Reqqa Reef

Diving at Reqqa Reef you will see large groupers, dentex, rays as well as barracudas and if you look by the boulders you can also find lobsters and morays.

In the Reqqa Reef dive you descend along a large wall that runs down to over 60 meters covered in sponges with a lot of small fish present. You can choose to stop on the sandy reef bottom before the drop at about 25m.

After the dives theres plenty of time to explore the beautiful coastline and the magnificent beaches, before heading back for an evening BBQ.

Luxury Villa

Aesthetically constructed in beautiful local limestone, in the style of the surrounding houses. The villa’s blend perfectly with their rustic, serene neighbourhood. Once inside however you’re back into the 21st century.

Guaranteed to exceed expectations, this wonderfully spacious property is elegantly furnished in neutral colours, with understated lighting, the good sized rooms are designed to complement the peaceful and laid back ambiance of the surrounding countryside.

The fully equipped kitchen, with comfortable and practical furniture. Along with air conditioning throughout – makes for an easy to manage self-catering holiday. At the back of the property sits two private pools with a large patio area complete with sun decks, and a stone BBQ. Which looks across miles of uninterrupted undulating valleys, Enhancing the most spectacular sunsets. Two spare toilets are situated on the ground floor both with washing machine facilities.

We spoil our visitors throughout the year including winter, besides the built in fireplace. The property allows you to enjoy the comfort of underfloor heating, throughout both floors along with the special feature of a heated Jacuzzi. This accommodation is a perfect romantic break, even during the mild Gozo winters.

For the fitness minded, the property also enjoys the additional facilities of a communal mini-gym and sauna making the property perfect for all preferences.


28th September to 5th October 2020

Prices are per person based on 2 people sharing.

Included: seven nights accommodation in a luxury farmhouse, 10  dives in total 2 per day. Transfers and ferry crossing included.

Not included, flights, diving equipment, drinks, food, and non specified activities.

Please note all activities and launch times are subject to change due to local environmental conditions therefore the order in which they are taken may change.

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