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Komodo National Park 10 nights.
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10 nights sailing Komodo

Komodo National Park.

The Diving…

Located 200 nautical miles east of Bali, the Komodo National Park is nestled between the large island of Sumbawa and Flores in Indonesia. Diving in Komodo National Park is best done by liveaboard, which allows you to explore the area to its fullest. The park and surrounding area boasts one of the world’s richest marine environments, with over 260 species of reef building coral, 70 species of sponge, marine worms, mollusks, echinoderms, crustaceans, over 1000 species of cartilaginous and bony fish, marine reptiles, and marine mammals. Some notable marine species include pygmy seahorses, anglerfish, nudibranchs, manta rays, dolphins, whales, Napolean wrasse and groupers.

S/Y Indo Siren

The Vessel…

Launched in April 2011, the 40 metre S/Y Indo Siren was built on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and is handcrafted from ironwood and teak (traditional to the area). Welcoming a maximum of 16 guests per week ensures that there is ample space to relax. The 3 double and 5 twin cabins offer air conditioning, personal computers, entertainment system and en-suite bathrooms with hot water. The covered outdoor dining area provides a great setting for all your meals and the spacious air-conditioned saloon offers a cocktail bar, 42 inch flat screen TV and computer server supporting an inter-cabin network.

The vessel also benefits from 2 high-powered Zodiacs, Kayaks, wakeboarding, laundry and massage services and FREE equipment hire and nitrox.


Itinerary Highlights…

Castle and Crystal Rocks

Two submerged pinnacles, lying just off Gilli Lawa Laut. The pinnacles teem with life and attract large pelagics including eagle rays, grey reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse and scools of snappers and fusileers. All are seen here whilst we hang in the current and watch the show.


Cannibal Rock and Yellow wall

Just two of the dive sites in the area of Nusa Kode. Colder water, as low as 20°C/ 68°F can be experienced here and the water often carries a greenish tinge. But the diving reward far outweighs the need to extra thermal protection! It is here we find the microscopic ‘lady bugs’, along with rhinopias, frogfish, pygmy seahorses, mantis shrimps and an array of nudibranchs.

Manta Alley

As the name suggests this site attracts the manta rays which come regularly to the cleaning stations. It is common to see several mantas lined up at one time. We watch as ‘the black bird’ gracefully swoops down or hangs effortlessly in the current.

The Unusual Suspects

A favourite for macro photography, with so many weird and wonderful creatures we will often dive this site more than once! Tiny coleman’s shrimp and zebra crabs cling to fire urchins, frogfish can be found grouped together, ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp, sea horses and mimic octopus make this site a real delight.


Dates:  10th – 20th September 2020

Package includes: transfers between liveaboard and local airport or hotel on days of embarkation and disembarkation, full board on the vessel (incl tea/coffee, juices, soft drinks & local beers), all diving on air, nitrox if certified, 12lt cylinder, weights & weight belt, equipment hire. Excludes flights.

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Komodo National Park