Sardine Run 2017 (Day 10)

Sardine Run 2017 (Day 10)

Day 10 Report.

Sardine Run 2017.

Day 10 started with Immediate action in the bay, Bottlenose dolphins driving the sardines up from the deep, diving birds and sharks all over the place. This was our first couple hours on day 10 of the sardine run 2017. We heard further south and on route stopped to snorkel with 3 humpback whales, the day was turing out to be very special. More dolphins this time we locked onto a bait ball and watched the sharks and dolphins rip it apart, then as i looked to my left and saw a large shadow and thought, thats a big shark the animal came closer and i could see clearly that a sail fish had joined us on the bait ball. Amazing was not the word, as soon as the bait ball had finished we were on another. I estimate we were in and out of the water more than 20 times.

As we took a breather on the boat, more whales showed up, this time one of the humpbacks breached the water not once but several times, entertaining us while we are lunch on the boat. As we headed back to our base up north of our location we locked onto another feeding frenzy, as much as i bodies ached we entered the water again to be meet with a super pod of common dolphins. These guys were hunting and moving like mini torpedo’s in the water. We conservativly estimate we saw more than 40 Humpback whales today inclining a few brydes whales following the dolphins on their hunt. This was the sardine run in full swing. We returned to Mbotyi having spent 7 hours at sea on what was one of the most exhilarating  days on the ocean, The day was finished of perfectly watching there sun go down over the mountains with a cold beer.

Too much video footage to edit for day 10 of the sardine run 2017. There will be a final movie once i return to the UK and have time to upload the video.


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