Sardine Run 2017 (Day 9)

Sardine Run 2017 (Day 9)

Day 9 Report.

Sardine Run 2017.

Day 9 started with a bit of drizzle and choppy seas, after an hour we had made our way down to Port St Johns for another action packed day on the sardine run 2017. The sea suddenly erupted, hundreds of diving gannets and dolphins everywhere. The visibilty wasn’t great as we were so close to shore, this was also a place famous for Great Whites. With this in the back of  our minds we jumped in, Hundreds of feeding dolphins and a few big dusky sharks feeding on the bait balls.

The sea was now as calm as a mill pond and the sun was shinning, after a short snack on the boat we ventured further out to sea around the 12km mark to find cleaner water. What we found were 6 Humpback whales cruising in the sunshine with brilliant visibility. The whales were a little shy but we followed and photographed them for over an hour. Just as we left the whales a curious seal came over to play with the guests. just goes to show anything is possible on the sardine run 2017.

We headed backup the coast towards waterfall bluff when we heard thunder in the distance, the seas began to rise and the smooth ride we were enjoying suddenly stopped and a big swell hit us over and over. The time was now 1pm and the skipper decided that will do for today. With a slightly earlier finish than normal we got back to the lodge and downloaded our videos for the day. Please enjoy a short highlight of what we saw on a quiet day join the sardine tun 2017.


Below video footage by Hayley Marsh and Jamie Orr. (Customers)


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