Sardine Run 2017 (Day 7)

Sardine Run 2017 (Day 7)

Day 7 Report.

Sardine Run 2017.

Today was the second groups first day on the Sardine run 2017. Wow wow wow, The day started with a hectic launch and some frightened faces as we headed through the surf. Welcome to the wild coast was the shout from the skipper. We had some whales and dolphins and a bit of snorkelling acton with a couple of hundred dolphins which started things of nicely. A couple of breaching Humpback whales in the distance showing off for our new arrivals. A short time later around 50m away a Hunmpback Whale breached so high and hard out of the water its tail fin was at least 10ft in the air, the whale spun twice in the air like a ballerina before landing with an almighty splash. Everyones jaws were on the floor, the skipper who has been sailing these waters for the past 10 years said it was the best breach he had ever seen. We had a short bite to eat then got a call over the radio to head north fast, and go fast we did. Full speed ahead as our powerful Rib smashed through the swell. Then birds, hundreds everywhere diving bombing the ocean, thousands of dolphins, Brides whales following the dolphins, Humpback whales breaching, we couldn’t even stop for the Southern Right whale we had passed on the way. The ocean was putting on a show more breaching whales, jumping dolphins at full speed. Everywhere you looked things were going crazy. We reached 3 o’clock before we even knew it and had to head back to shore, even on route dolphins, diving birds and whales were all in view. Our Guests were amazed by the amount of life we had seen in one day. Things are shaping up nicely for the week ahead. Sardine Run 2017 is in full swing.

There is too much footage to edit for tonight’s video, there will be a full movie at the end of the trip.

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