Sardine Run 2017 (Day 6)

Sardine Run 2017 (Day 6)

Day 6 Report.

Sardine Run 2017.

Today was change over day which meant no diving for us. After a long overdue sleep in we spent the morning hiking to a nearby popular fishing spot where we cast our lines and hoped for the best. After an unsuccessful couple of hours fishing we returned to the lodge. The sardine run 2017 has given us lots to think about, with time on our hands we reflected on what the week had brought us. How many people can say the swam with Humpback, Southern right and Brides Whales, dived with over a thousand dolphin, Bronze Whaler sharks. Been only 15m away from breaching whales, been in the water when the whales were still breaching, followed a pod of pilot whales and experienced hundreds of ding gannets hitting the ocean. All this in one week on the sardine run 2017. As I sit on the balcony typing this report overlooking the ocean a humpback whale is breaching out at sea as if to remind me what this Wild Coast of Southern Africa is all about.

As there is no video for today please enjoy one of our favourite whale photo’s.



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