Sardine Run 2017 (Day 5)

Sardine Run 2017 (Day 5)

Day 5 report.

Sardine Run 2017.

The day started in the usual way with bottlenose dolphins playing in the surf during our launch. The waves were huge and was probably the most exciting/scary launch we have had this week on the sardine run 2017. Once out to sea sparrow our microlight pilot gave us the information we love to hear. Hundreds of dolphins and gannets around 3km form our launch site. After a speedy 10 min ride we were there. Not hundreds of dolphins as promised, more like thousands. The ocean was alive Humpback whales, thousands of common dolphins diving gannets and even a Brydes whale came along for the show, sardine run 2017 was in full swing. ¬†Words cannot describe the natural phenomena we were witnessing, we all filmed with our go pros and open jaws but the video footage nor the photo’s do justice to what we witnessed. This went on for 3 hours non stop, the downside was everything was moving so fast it was difficult to keep up with in the water, our best view was from the boat. We did manage a dive and encountered the common dolphin and a couple of bronze whaler sharks but this only lasted 5 min then everything moved on. We followed the dolphins so more an the action did not stop. More whales, more dolphins and more diving birds. We swam with a southern right whale and came across another pod of bottlenose dolphins, and some more breaching humpbacks. We even saw the usually shy brydes whale for a third time that day. 7 hours at sea had gone by in a flash, this trip is defiantly hard work but the rewards are off the scale. If you are a wildlife enthusiast or keen photographer the sardine run should be on your bucket list. We will now return to the lodge for a well earned 4 course seafood platter.

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