Sardine Run 2017 (Day 2)

Sardine Run 2017 (Day 2)

Day 2 Report.

Sardine Run 2017.

The morning started off fantastically, calm seas made an easy launch out to sea. Immediately we were greeted with a pod of over one hundred strong bottlenose dolphins who seemed eager to play. The dolphins certainly showed us how to surf and ride the waves. After 40 minutes of dolphin action were went on the hunt for the sardines. After a short search were stopped on route to jump in with 3 Humpback whales. You can see the footage on the video below. Not long after we received the call we had been waiting for, bait ball of sardines and predator action all over. After a fast and bumpy ride to our location we were met with diving gannets and dolphins hunting everywhere, we bumped into another 2 humpbacks on route and when we arrived a large humpback breached the water as if to welcome us to the party. The bait ball was moving so fast it was difficult for us to keep up with it by boat and impossible in the water. We followed the dolphins for ages, we estimate over 1000 common dolphins on the hunt. Luckily we caught this all on film and have shown you the highlights below. Loving the sardine run 2017 so far, cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Below video footage and daily report by customer Jamie Orr.



  • by bill govvender Posted June 23, 2017 7:31 am

    wish I was there

    • by Dam1anGr0ves Posted June 23, 2017 12:01 pm

      We are already taking bookings for next year. Your are more than welcome to come along.

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